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BEST delivers effective training for companies and organizations. In a partnership for improving performance, BEST provides results where employees can achieve their highest potential. Our services are beyond measure.

We provide training in many areas including:

  • Leadership Curriculums - The key to any organization’s success starts with their leaders. Today’s leaders must learn to handle difficult situations as organization experience change. We equip leaders with the skills and resources for building trust and unleashing the potential of employees. BEST is an affiliate partner of Vital Learning and offers the Vital Learning Leadership Curriculums:
    • Essential Skills of Leadership
    • Essential Skills of Communicating
    • Coaching Job Skills
    • Leading Successful Projects (16 hour classroom)
    • Supporting Change
    • Motivating Team Members
    • Resolving Conflicts
    All Leadership modules include pre-test, post-tests and skill practices.  Each can be customized to reflect your specific business or industry.  Videos in all modules represent today’s workplace environments and scenarios.  Delivery options are designed to fit your complex work environment.

  • Business Ethics - This special training is determined by the company’s mission and vision. Ethics training includes company specific Code of Conduct training and an Instructor-Led Training Package. This instructor-led package provides for training in-house trainers.
  • Diversity - Diversity is no longer dealing only with age, race, creed, color, and gender, but now includes the way we do business (outsourcing, off-shoring), brands, products, etc. BEST will develop a program that involves a deep understanding of what diversity means in the global market and assist organization in achieving positive business results.
  • Team Facilitation - A process oriented skill which enables one to reach decisions, resolve problems, learn one another and how to understand solutions. Why do it? Team Facilitation enables ownership and pride in the creation of solutions.
  • Group Process -The understanding of the behavior of individuals and assist groups in accomplishing its objectives. Group Process is a diagnostic tool that measures how well the group is functioning as problem solvers, decision makers, conflict managers and boundary managers.
  • Interviewing Skills - Do you want the best candidate for your position? Do you know how to ask for what you want? Designing and implementing an interviewing process that enables you to answer yes to both questions is the key to ensuring you get the best candidate for your positions.

Ask about BEST training in these other areas of employee development:

  • Instructional Design
  • Organization Development
  • Effective Presentations
  • Team Development


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